The Challenge

Learners adopt a #HappyPlant and teach it how to be a happiness and sustainability tour guide for Dubai.


188 x Learners aged


Team size



5 stars


Learners: Coveted #HappyPlant Trophy, Private tour of Sustainable City, Kinokuniya Vouchers

Educator: Paid round trip to San Francisco





Dubai Carbon


Dubai Eye

Education in Canada




October 2016 - November 2016

Key skills



Critical thinking




Key takeaways

UN Sustainable development Goals

#HappyPlant gives learners and schools a platform to build a sustainable mindset.

21st-Century Skills

Learners use communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity to learn real-world skills and apply them to engage a community audience.

Positive Education

Learners of all needs and abilities develop well being, emotional and academic skills.

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His Excellency Dr. Abdulla Al Karam


Elvis Parsley

Manor Primary School

Michael O’keeffe

#HappyPlant Runners-Up


American Academy Al Mizhar

Mr. Ivano Iannelli

Most Sustainable Plant

Bobsun Vera

GEMS World Academy

Darren Gale

Most Creative Plant


Uptown School

Nada al Jabban

Most Collaborative plant

Citra Uniqra

The Oxford School

Sheharbano Ali

Most Innovative Plant


Kings' School Nad Al Sheba

His Excellency Emmanuel Kamariankis

Most Gritty Plant

Big Red

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

His Excellency Emmanuel Kamariankis

Most Social Plant

Um Khammas

Dubai National School - Al Twar

His Excellency Emmanuel Kamariankis

Most Popular Plant


Indian High School, Dubai

I like to rock. I like to roll. But even as a rockstar, being happy, having good sportsmanship and doing things right will always be the best way to live.
Elvis Parsley says:
I may seem a bit prickly on the outside, but inside I’m just a big softy…
Diego says:
I have just be born and still finding my leaves in this big world...
Bobsun Vera says:
HAPPINESS IN A POT... loving life, come and have a laugh with me. I will cheer you up in no time.
#HappyPlantUTS says:
Hi, I am Citra, a Kumquat plant, scientifically named as Citrus Japonica.
Citra Uniqra says:
Happiness and thanks to all our supporters :)
Geronimo says:
Swiss Parents, Born in DXB!
Big Red says:
Hey Dubai; I rise by helping others.
Um Khammas says:
Secretary General of the Council of United Happy Plants. Come. Let’s make this happy earth, the happiest.
Happacino says:
Students immersed themselves in ideas they were unfamiliar with while combining and extrapolating to synthesise new concepts.
Adam Gray, Teacher says:
Kalebr Challenge is a great platform for teachers and students to interact and grow, together. We built on core curriculum subjects and developed many precious 21st century skills.
Theresa Pangari, Teacher says:
#HappyPlant on Kalebr Challenge helped us work together better to help educate the world on how to be more sustainable and happy
28 Kate Rigby, Teacher says:
The phenomenon-based learning motivated the students to creatively solve real world problems through coding.
Nadene Jenningssays, Teacher says:
The students quickly learned that happiness comes easy to those who work in a collaborative team.
Ayesha Khan, Teacher says:
I wish we could bottle the excitement and energy shown by our team as they innovated their way to happiness in Dubai.
Tracey Campbell, Teacher says:
Kalebr Challenge pushed the students to use the scientific method and design thinking - the pillars of grit.
Michael O’Keeffe, Teacher says:
It was thrilling to watch the whole school community come together to build on the happiness our innovation team started through social networking on #HappyPlant.
Hala Sharkia, Teacher says:
Kalebr Challenge encouraged the students to develop real world communication skills and strategy as they promoted their way to happiness and Most Popular Plant.
Malathy Mansingh, Teacher says:

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What they're saying

Nada al Jabban

H.E. Dr Abdulla Al Karam

Director General and Board of Directors, Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Nada al Jabban

Mr. Ivano Iannelli

CEO, Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence
Voted 100 Smartest People in the UAE, Arabian Business

Nada al Jabban

Darren Gale

Principal, Kings' School Nad al Sheba
Executive Committee Member for CPD, British Schools Middle East

Nada al Jabban

His Excellency Emmanuel Kamariankis

Consul General of Canada to the UAE

The challenge has allowed them (learners) to connect with new ideas while showcasing their creativity.

Judging by the creative genius, dedication, and grit I have seen at #HappyPlant, we have a lot to look forward to. With such young talent, Dubai is definitely a city the rest of the world will look towards in the future for vision and innovation in sustainability and green economy.

Challenge has encouraged students, in groups, to think differently and think about exciting ways they can showcase their work.

As part of the Kalebr Challenge, the students apply these cornerstones to happiness and artificial intelligence, within their school work, through an engaging phenomenon based learning experience. #HappyPlant from Kalebr Challenge increases the links between innovation and learning and has resulted in some amazing projects from even more amazing students at the schools in Dubai.

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