What is the STEAMathalon?

STEAMathalon is an educator challenge where the niftiest teachers in MENA compete in a STEAM competition to win goodie bags and the Kalebr Lead pack subscription for your classroom.

The Kalebr Way

The Kalebr Way promotes STEAM, cross-curricular links and 21st-century skills while supporting educators to future proof their learners.


Innovators gather information, plan their projects imagine ideal solutions.

  • Design oneBoard
  • Add cross-curricular links
  • Add STEAM+ project


Innovators switch effortlessly between virtual and physical prototyping environments.

  • Launch makeFace
  • Simulate code
  • Make innovation


Innovators collaborate, iterate and work towards precise and efficient code.

  • Add bloc
  • Program chatbot
  • Interact with project


Innovators gather community support for their projects, ideas and innovations.

  • Award a skill
  • Track a goal
  • Measure an objective


Innovators exhibit their work, wow the crowd and score big prizes and huge accolades.

  • Update class blog
  • Tweet your progress
  • Grab your goodie bag