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    Kalebr’s portfolio of products and services empowers community members to inspire and embark on an exciting journey for the future of education and transform societies. We would like to invite participation from students, educators, counsellors and other such thought-leaders to contribute towards a confluence of innovative ideas, exciting content and the best and next practices in learning and technology.

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    Corporate Partners

    Industries play a crucial role in facilitating advancement of societies through education and knowledge sharing. Our endeavour to craft improved learning through smart content, focused events and online publications provides a rich platform for corporates to support, sponsor and collaborate towards achieving shared goals. Feel free to drop an email with your proposal and our team will be happy to explore a meaningful partnership.

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    Join the team

    Kalebr values practising educators at the forefront of learning transformation and ‘smart’ creatives with actionable solutions to challenges faced in digital transformation of learning. If you're someone who envisions a future of learning that harnesses innovation, we’d like to help propel your projects from the deck to classrooms. Drop us an email with your Resume’ & portfolio, and we’d love to chat about possibility of treading this journey together!

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    Channel Partners

    Our array of innovative and successful education solutions are designed to facilitate learning in the 21st century. We are eager to utilize the expertise of independent distributors and agents to reach our consumers, with the end objective to impact interactions within classrooms. Shoot us an email with your company profile to set up a meeting.