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Resident Maker

Were you the kid who destroyed all his toys, just to put them back together?

Do you know what the rush of creativity, the thrill of a project well put together, the frustration of successful fails, and making solutions to a challenge have in common?

You! Yes, you, now read up and get excited; your perfect job awaits you.

We are looking for a Resident Maker to bolster our team in Dubai. We are a young EdTech company who would love for you to join the team and be a legend. You will tinker, innovate, and lead the team through your adept skills in designing, prototyping, microcontrollers, electronics, and inventing.

The only thing you'll love more than making will be helping others on the path to an invention. You'll lead discussions, and show people how to get started. All the while showing people innovation is not only possible, but it's the future.

The fact you're still reading tells us one thing. You spend your free time deep in the guts of design projects where you utilise your ingenuity to solve problems and have fun.

If we are right, and we know a maker when we see one - read on. If not; get yourself an Arduino development board, learn the ropes, invent something and stop by.

WOW us.

We'll be here, also inventing and making, patiently waiting.


  • Lead learning groups and introduce them to projects based on making, coding, prototyping, and designing

  • Come up with novel ideas for physical computing projects

  • Bring ideas to life in the office and in educational facilities

  • Bug test and critically think about all projects


  • Love of hands-on electronics

  • Outstanding knowledge of 3D printing

  • Proven prototyping skills

  • Experience with RaspberryPi and Microbit

  • Proficient in AutoCAD or similar design software

  • Hands on and handy with tools

  • Relentless, patient, curious, and design thinker

  • Excellent communicator

  • Brownie points if you have worked in a school

  • Extra brownie points if you can rock flannel!

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