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When you're chatting on the phone, pen in hand, what doodles are covering your page?

A quick check around the Kalebr office saw an eclectic mix of boxes, circles and swirls. And one poorly drawn potato. Apparently, all these doodles give insight into the deeper workings of the team's minds. A quick internet search revealed an introvert, nurturers, a beautiful mind and loads of determination. One query suggested Ronald Mcdonald was in the mix, but for privacy reasons, we can't say who.

Do you know what we didn't find? Anything that even half resembled mad skillz. There was no ironic monkey slipping on a banana, no Calvin and certainly no Hobbes. This presents Kalebr with a problem. The reason we were checking the doodles was to find someone to be our in-house artist. This artist was going to put pen to paper and visualise our world via legendary little caricatures. The search, however, was in vain. But. That's where you come in. It could be your lucky day!

How are your pencil skills? Can you take the written and work it into character magic? Do you want work with passionate, creative and happy-go-lucky go getters?

Fantastic, check the responsibilities and requirements below to see if your skillz fit the billz!


  • Work closely with marketing, content and production to create engaging and fun illustrations

  • Be well versed in taking a brief and delivering creative and well thought out illustrations on time and at super duper quality

  • Create illustrations across all Kalebr's print and web endeavours

  • Champion the Kalebr identity across all your creative pursuits

  • Be outstanding. Be passionate. Be Remarkable


  • Bachelor or better in related field

  • Killer portfolio

  • 3-5 years experience in similar role

  • Create and execute illustrations to specification and deliver to requirements

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and writing skills

  • Drive, competence, flexibility and a willingness to learn

  • Excellent organisational and time management skills

  • The ability to cope with pressure

  • Creativity, imagination and initiative

  • Exhibit flexibility and rapid response to changes and feedback

  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Strong traditional drawing skills

  • Adobe suite master

  • Familiarity with Digital Asset Management

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