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Embedded C++ Developer

If you had a cold and needed to embed the food with the highest Vitamin C++ content, what would your first choice be? Guavas? Kale? Kiwifruit?

We're glad you didn't choose oranges to get your Vitamin C++ because the tasty orange is down around 7th on the list. We're not looking for 7th. We're looking for the cream of the crop. In fact, the top Vitamin C++ provider is the bell pepper. We're looking for bell peppers. Not top of the bell curve; bell peppers. Now we're on the same page and everyone who chose orange is suffering from scurvy, let's see if you're up to the task.

We need an Embedded C++ Developer to join an awesome team to build even more awesome products. Your day will be filled with Interesting engineering, software and design challenges and you'll work with a high performance and collaborative team. You will seek out opportunities to grow your understanding and professional development within Kalebr and learn all about VR, AR, Maker and entertainment.

See if you fit the bill below;


  • Compile and modify the core OS and the firmware to manage updates and the bootloader

  • Write clean, elegant, maintainable and efficient code

  • Design robust, scalable and secure features

  • Drive continuous adoption and integration of relevant technologies into design

  • Collaborate with a small team of developers and designers in creating, maintaining and constantly updating our products, both regarding hardware and software design


  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject

  • Excellent knowledge of C/C++/C#

  • Expertise in OpenCV and OpenGL frameworks

  • Ability to develop custom RTOS for Arduino

  • Embedded experience with x86 processor and IA32 architecture

  • Proven working experience with System on a Chip devices like Intel Edison and Intel RealSense

  • Relentless need and pursuit to challenge yourself and perform outside your comfort zone

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