Why Kalebr

We are coders, makers and thinkers. We are barnstormers. We bite of more than we can chew. We chew like crazy. We sprint, we dive, we define. We fly. We believe in ourselves. We work. We play, we sow, we harvest. We have a growth mindset. We learn, we fail. We get back up just to see if we can fall harder. We win. We celebrate. We find a reason. We work towards it. We sleep, we cry, we laugh. We are human. Our passion is contagious, our creativity relentless. We roll up our sleeves. We get gritty. We wear many hats. We have no filter. We write whatever comes into our heads. We are strategic. We are bold. We are dependable. We can't stop. We won't quit. We get it done. We want to be amazing. We are always almost there. We want you to jump aboard this crazy rollercoaster ride.

Check out below for any current openings. Don't worry if you don't see something in your field; we hire on passion, personality and work ethic. If you've got all three; we'll see you at 10am Sunday morning. Email hr@kalebr.com to organise your access pass, team t-shirt and complimentary puppy.

Your new career

Commercial Manager

Negotiate and build relationships

Partnerships Manager

Alrighty Partner!


Is your pencil a magic wand?

UI/UX designer

It's a beautiful experience.


Say Cheese!

Mobile Developer

Are you a happy hybrid appy chappy?

Marketing Executive

Attention strategic storytellers; your next chapter starts here.

Full Stack Developer

Are you looking to get your hands dirty in the full stack?

Ed Tech Expert

Is sales your middle name and happy customers your game?

Front End Developer

Design and code like it ain't no thang.

Resident Maker

Are you a maker, tinkerer, inventor and leader?

Embedded C++ Developer

A maker at heart with loads of Embedded C++ experience.