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The Tudors meet #HappyPlant at Kings' School Nad Al Sheba

April 10th

On Monday, April 10th, Kings' School Nad Al Sheba introduced #HappyPlant as part of their core curriculum in their year four classroom. This term, year four at Kings' School Nad Al Sheba are completing a history unit on the Tudor's. The Tudor's were the family who ruled England and Wales from 1485 to 1603. The Tudor's were one of the most controversial families ever to rule England, and many of the famous names we know from history came from this period; including Henry VIII and his six wives. The acclaimed "Game of Thrones" TV series takes much inspiration from this period of history.

Happy Plants were all set up and ready to go when the learners entered the classroom. 

Miss Amy, year four's fearless educator, took a slightly different spin on the usual setup of #HappyPlant. The discovery lesson to kick off #HappyPlant included six different plants placed at the front of the classroom. The learner's task was to think critically about the various features of the plants and successfully find the scientific name of each one. The group who used their best investigative minds and found the correct scientific names of the plants gained the power of choice. One group, the eventual winner, had the idea to ask Siri.

"Hey Siri, do you know what this plant is?"

Siri replied:

"I'm not sure but download PlantSnapp app, and I'm sure it can help you."

Hey Siri, what plant is this?

The app was downloaded, the plants identified and the rest is history. History of the Tudors that is! The winning group was allowed to select their favourite plant and one of Henry VIII's unfortunate wives to be their #HappyPlant personality. Here is the list. Do you recall the poem that talks about how they all met their fate?

"Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived." The order is below:

  • Katharine Of Aragon
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Jane Seymour
  • Anne Of Cleves 
  • Catherine Howard 
  • Katharine Parr 

Which queen should we choose?

Beyond naming and dressing the happy plants as Henry's ill-fated wives, the learners will begin to recreate the personalities of the different queens. The learners will do this by coding questions and responses while making their happy plant talk and act like their chosen queen. We wonder if all Henry's queens will be friends?

It's time to log on to an adventure of positive education, coding and innovation.

Amy's incredibly creative approach to #HappyPlant was well matched by the learners of year four. We're going to have to call this one a draw. The ingenuity and innovation to take on a challenge by thinking laterally and getting to the solution in an unconventional way is what #HappyPlant is all about!

In fact, it's what concept-based learning is all about. #HappyPlant is a curriculum solution that enables concept-based learning to flourish in the classroom. Year four at Kings' school Nad al Sheba is currently focusing on the concepts "responsibility" and "independence". In #HappyPlant, learners work on their core curriculum through the lens of a big concept. The learners use the concepts to integrate their knowledge and make cross curriculum links.

Year four are off to a flying start. Make sure to check back regularly for more updates.

Stay tuned!