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10,000 Young Makers Impacted by Kalebr Future Proof

November 12th

Thursday, 9th April, saw Dana Nizar Mourad, year four student at the International School of Creative Sciences (ISCS) presented with a certificate of recognition for being the 10,000th young maker impacted by Kalebr's "Future Proof" initiative. Kalebr's Future Proof initiative, in partnership with Intel's Make Tomorrow initiative, is focussed on preparing today's youth for the future.

Mr Naveed Iqbal, Principal, International School of Creative Science, Nad Al Sheba, Dana Nizar Mourad, 10,000th young maker,
Mr Aaditya Tangri, CEO, Kalebr Americas, Mr Mazen Farraj, Corporate Affairs Director, Intel.

Dana and her classmates took on #HappyPlant, a concept-based learning initiative where curriculum objectives are met using making, coding, global themes and collaborative learning. At ISCS, the learners combined design thinking and the internet of things while studying a unit on famous Arab inventors. The beauty of concept-based learning is that almost any subject or topic can be taught through the lens of a more significant concept.

School's across the world have used #HappyPlant to teach learners about road safety, happiness, sustainability, the Tudor period and Henry's five wives and now; Arab inventors. The key to linking curriculum to concepts and themes via technology is creativity and effective communication with school curriculum teams. When working with the ISCS, the learners were about to begin a discovery unit involving Arab inventors.

Dana and her classmates formed innovation teams and began the collaborative process required to excel in the 21st Century. In their teams, the learners adopted a plant, connected it to the IoT and coded it the personality and knowledge of a famous Arab inventor. The famous Arab inventors, who had taken plant form, chatted vibrantly with the learners about innovation, Arab history and design thinking.

Once the learners perfected the personality and understanding of the Arab inventors, they launched their innovation to their community. Parent's, peers and teachers all joined in on the fun as they learned about Ibn Battuta's inventions and adventures as well sustainability and happiness.

The key to the success of #HappyPlant's many instances is its flexibility and ability to teach most curriculum topics with making and coding. History, a subject not frequently explored via problem-solving, creativity and innovation can be interpreted in a real-world, relevant and current environment. The learners are motivated by the hands-on activities and collaboration while they gain a non-abstract understanding of the importance of what they are studying.

Kalebr's platform gives educators the power to combine STEAM+, positive education, 21st-century skills, making and coding while studying curriculum objectives. The learning is gamified, learners code with a visual coding tool and make real-life electronics. The learners have fun, develop communication skills and work towards creating real social impact. All are representing ideas behind Kalebr's quest to future proof the youth.

Projects such as #HappyPlant allow Kalebr to impact the lives of many of today's youth and tomorrow's leaders. 10,000 is a significant milestone for us. However, it is only the beginning. We want your help, and the future of Earth commands it.

Let's future proof the world together!

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